The Hotel Archontiko Anyfanti is situated in the beautiful village of Zatouna, just a stone throw away from the Historical Town of Dimitsana. The mountainous village is built at an altitude of 1050m and it has preserved its authenticity throughout the years. Its location is rather convenient since most of the region’s highlights are within a reasonable distance.

The town of Dimitsana is only 4 km away from Zatouna. There you can enjoy a stroll, visit the Open Air Water Power Museum and the Historical Library of Dimitsana. Lousios river is one of the most significant sites of Arcadia, where according to mythology Zeus had his first bath as a newborn. You will certainly enjoy the gorge of Lousios river and many activities such as rafting and hiking.

Lousios gorge is also the home of many monasteries built in extraordinary and breathtaking locations such as Prodromou, Aimialon and Philosofou Monastery. Next to Philosophou Monastery is «Krifo Scholio» (secret school), where during the Ottoman Occupation, children were taught the Greek language and Christian doctrine in secret. The “Mikis Theodorakis Museum” is literally a one minute walk from the hotel and is dedicated to the famous composer of Greece who was exiled in our village for his political views at the time of the Greek dictatorship. During his stay, the village inspired him to write two of his major pieces Arcadia I & II. There is also the ski center of Menalon mountain which is based almost 30 minutes away from Zatouna, as well as the fir forest where you can drive through it and reach picturesque villages such as Stemnitsa and Libovisi, house of the famous Greek hero Kolokotronis who led Greece to freedom against the Ottoman domination in 1821.

Zatouna is the birthplace of many Greek figures such as Staikos Staikopoulos who played a key role in the Greek War of Independence against the Ottomans in 1821, the former President of Greece Konstantinos Stefanopoulos, Mimis Fotopoulos and Beata Asimakopoulou (the famous actors flourished during the golden age of the Greek Cinema in the 50’s & 60’s).

Site Seeing

The region has a great history behind it with many sites and villages worth visiting. Here is a list of all sites situated close to our village:

Zatouna village

  • Mikis Theodorakis Museum
  • Zatouna’s many chapels and its beautiful water fountains
  • The Virgin Mary of Elova Church

Town of Dimitsana

  • The open air water power museum
  • The historical library of Dimitsana
  • The Metropolis
  • The house of Patriarch Gregorios V


  • Aimialon Monastery
  • Prodromou Monastery
  • Philosophou Monastery and “Krifo Scholio”

Lousios River

  • Ancient Gortyna
  • River Activities
  • Walk on the trails of the gorge

Menalon Mountain

  • Menalon Ski Center
  • The fir forest

Paloumpa village

  • The Museum and Historical Tower of Plapouta family

Libovisi village

  • The house of the heroic family of Kolokotronis

Stemnitsa village

  • The Folk Museum
  • The school of silver & gold smiths